Destroyer Droid contest... Vote Now!

Me and my friend Orion119net started a 2 week contest to see who could make the best Destroyer Droid from star wars episode 1. We have finished and would like you to decide who has the better droid. I have set up a poll so you can vote for your favorite. VOTE NOW! :smiley:

My droid:

Orion’s droid:

mine has armatures :stuck_out_tongue: i voted for myself. im winning! :smiley:

I can’t vote- they both have good and bad points. I mostly like zgm-html’s droid better, but its spindly legs really hurt its appeal. orion119net has better legs, but the renders don’t let me see the model too clearly.
one is textured (roughly) the other has armatures.
I need (clear ) wireframes -shaded wireframe view, optimal mode (If they are subsurfs), with enough contrast between the wires and the mesh please.

I got some wire frames, I didn’t feel like rendering wire so I just saved some images strait from blender. Hope it helps :wink:

heres the wires:

EDIT: BTW i took off subsurf.

Orion you got my vote.


ZGM-HTML got my vote. Your’s is so much more…true to the movie!(well, except the legs) :wink:

i will sell my vote for…$20.00, lol. they both look nice

they’re both good, but zgm-html’s shows more detail and accuracy.


Hey guys. I just downloaded Blender. Talk about a serious newbie huh?

I won’t vote, because I have no idea. They all look great to me, I am still working on very very very basic stuff.

I check out tutorials and stuff but they always assume the person knows the basics.

Anyway, a lot of you out there are just SO good at this it makes me want to keep trying, thanks.

ok, voted.

but, now the next question will be, which one of you have the strangest nick name… orion’s is almost like url, and zgm’s looks looks like web language.


haha, yeah, i got mine from aim. when i singed up someone took my name, so i changed. ive been useing it allot on the internet.

ZGM-HTML has more detail and is truer to the original, so you get my vote. Plus the render is better lit.

Nice work both of you though. :smiley:

great job guys :slight_smile:

Both models look ok, but are horribly rendered. I voted orion.

hehe lol Basse, Yea my s/n is kinda weird, I will explain it. ZGM stands for which is my website. HTML stands Hyper Text Markup Language which is the scripting code for making webpages. :smiley:

iron got my vote…i would say that his modle is more accurate…but not as detailed. but he got my vote cuz the legs are a crucial part. and it doesnt look like zgm’s legs would hold.(i am referriong to zgm’s droid, not him)

Way to insult someone without trying. :smiley:

hehe, wasn’t supposed 2 be an insult though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I should have done more with the legs since most of u are really grillin me about it…lol I wasn’t really happy with the legs either but I didn’t think I would get some much feed back from it. I guess from now on I will fix it if I dont like it. :expressionless: But these legs are a lot better then the ones I started out with; once I was done I started over on the legs and they look better then the first ones. :smiley: Guess I should have made them just a little bit bigger though.
Thanks for the feed back. :wink: