Destruction Game

Hey guys. Here is a game that I am currently working on that I plan to sell on steam. It is all about destruction!!! Basically you drive around, crashing into houses in order to collect “powers” that enable you to do more destruction and eventually take down the “main” giant building at the center of the map. Your powers include shooting missiles, slingshot-ing yourself into buildings, and just plain exploding. I might also integrate zero gravity as well as the mortar strike from my other game im working on. Do you guys think I would be able to sell this on steam?

all you can do is try, sounds like a ‘burnout’ style game. the guy in the first pic might have to sit back down after that :smiley:

So you can tell that those little boxes are people? phew lol

the idea seem simple and funny.
i suggest to work with particles(to do good explosion/destruction) and sounds.

yea you cant really see it in the pics. But I do have smoke/dust particles that spawn upon collision of each brick. Ill release a video soon.

I for one have to say your character design is perfect. Don’t change that a bit.

Your ideas for power-ups remind me right off the bat of those from Carmageddon 2 (and maybe Carma 1 as well, but I never got to play that one). That game had a lot of zany modes involving altered gravity, increased/decreased friction, launching your vehicle in various ways.

My Idea: Car-Chucks. Chain two cars together by their front bumpers. Your imagination and physics does the rest.

With enough ambient occlusion you can sell anything on Steam.

lol thanks man. car-chucks…lol

just posted this to steam greenlight concepts section

This could be great if you keep in kind of silly and fun. Definately the car chucks! :smiley: Maybe play a bit of red faction guerrilla to get some ideas :slight_smile: Thats a really fun destruction game :slight_smile:

As well as the open world, the game also has a kind of arcade destruction game mode. Where you have a minute or so to do as much damage to a building as possible with a load of explosives :smiley:

I really gotta dig that game out!!

About selling it on steam…there is one problem with it… the blender player that you export it on will require you to post it as a open source…and steam doesn’t like that so much… :frowning: there was a thread that told about this but i can’t find it now…maybe some one else can? Im not trying to be a party pooper:( just trying to prevent a very very hard time…