Detail on curved surface distortion help!

hey guys ive been trying to add these rivets in my axe im making but getting distortion any idea how i can work around this?

I am by all means not good at sub-d modelling, but those rivets seem a bit small compared to the density of the mesh surrounding them. Maybe apply 1 level of subdivision before creating them?

First thing I would try would be to add a ring in between the squarish part and circle. I’m not 100% sure this would solve the issue. I see you have support loops on both sides of those ngons, but worth a try maybe.

I think because of extrusion/inset the rim of the hole is level with the surrounding quad. Before any other thing try move the whole hole a little bit outwards.

Hello to model small details like this you have to increase detail level in your base mesh first, you can do this by applying 1 to 2 levels of the subdiv mod (creating a duplicate of the base mesh first ofc) depending the resolution you need for the secondary details such as booleans, insets, holes, etc… axe-test1.blend (379.9 KB)

@MichaelBenDavid @LordoftheFleas @muhuk @Tachtian i do have 1 level of sub d and majority of my topo is all quads im attaching my blend just have a look when you guys can really appreciate the help!


axe.blend1 (1.2 MB)

The real problem is you modeled the rivets on a problematic position, a pure quadgrid even curved are relative simple: mark cross edges around midpoint, subdiv with inner vert, del midpoint, select edge, loop tools, to circle, fill extrude 3 times.

You may have a look here:
axe_oki.blend (813.4 KB)


It’s all about topology, see attached image and file.
Topo.blend (764.3 KB)

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Thanks guys! I clearly need to improve my topology game ita so hard to understand! If y’all have a play book for me to follow or know of good resources point them my way🙏 cheers and thanks

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Go through this thread (it’ll take weeks probably, months in my case) but pretty much any issue is solved there. Pay attention to posts from Perna and FrankPolygon.

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