Detailed Bag End interior for UnrealEngine fan-art render


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I want to render the interior of a detailed model of Bag End from The Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit films in UnrealEngine. I have tried to model the interior myself, but I`m not very good at curved architecture so I have realized that I need help.

The model must match the exact same as displayed in the movies. All the small parts, papers, candle lights, cups, chairs and so on have to be placed out as they are in the movies.

If the artist have time, he/she can also texture the models.
Also, work in progress shots is greatly appreciated. I understand your time and value of the money, so you can be sure to be paid when the model is finished.

The artist:
You must dedicate time to complete the model.
You are responsive and can handle feedback.
You are able to use any tools you want.
You will be paid after the model is finished via PayPal.
You will also be credited in the final UnrealEngine render.

Hoping for response! :slight_smile:

I have some references here:

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I have started on the outdoor environment using Megascans foliage. I will compose the environment exactly as it is in the movies as well:

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PM Was sent.
Thank you!

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Thread can be closed, I have a artist :slight_smile: