Detailed Creature Creation

Last dragon project i made took me a very, very long time. This has been about 2 days so far, hopefully if i set my target standard high enough it’ll come out looking quite good.
Mostly this is conventional modelling.


Unbelievable. Great work. Can you please show you image in un-subsurf mode?

That’s awesome, you should texture it.

stunning work thus far

admirable. is this sculpted or poly by poly?

scaring me yet again with those details. great as always!

animate him!

To me this looks like you sculpted it. Did you have a reference or just model it how you think would look good? Also how many polys?

His nostrils look kind of funny right now, tiny holes in his big head which suggests he’ll have a big body.

But yes get this guy textured and open up his mouth and get the inner mouth done too.

Wow, this actually looks like a believable creature.

He prob just made a base mesh and added multi-res and sculpted.

Anyway looking great!

No sculpt was used, apart from the occasional bit of grab and pull, and some of the horns i inflated a bit, but for the most part this is poly by poly. At the mo, this is about 8000 poly’s (ish).
The inspiration behind this can be sen here:
Given that mine is a 3d model and not a 2d painting, and that half of this thing i will have to completely make up, due to using just one refrence angle, i still consider this reasonably original. If not in concept then atleast in modelling.

So it’s origional in modeling, but not in form?

You could make some origional touches to the basic form of the creature but we’ll see how this turns out.

That’s the general plan :slight_smile:

wow sculpt is sooo easy hehe

Just so some of you understand. Although a bit of sculpting was used when i couldn’t find the right edit mesh tool for the job at hand e.g. to push or pull something around in a certain fashion, this is all pretty much poly by poly.


Looks great so far!
I’d add a little bit of volume to the head…to make it more …“bulky”, if you know what I mean.
Nice work.

Take care

Looking very nice.

A couple of crits:
The horns connection to the skull is quite slim & angled down. Due to the shaping it would put quite a lot of pressure on a small area and wouldn’t be particularly strong.

The lower jaw. I’m having trouble seeing where the bones would be, where they would connect to the skull. I’d also suggest strengthening the jaw by protruding the chin. This tends to give a more masculine perception. That’s highly dependent on the image you’re going for, of course :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

Maybe they are not bone horns, but something more flexible. This is a water-creature, so everything needs to be aerodynamic when it dives (Yeah, like there is such a thing as an aerodynamic dragon… it’s always all form and no function)

The eyes could be a bit more front-facing. This is a predator, after all?

CG-Predator, yes i agree, i think the forehead needs to come a bit further out.
Ian C, thanks, i know what you mean, but also take into this consideration: Look at where the horns actually are, in any sort of fight they’d be useless. If anything their primary use would be to defend its neck, they’d also be pretty good for scratching. I think there needs to be a change to where the main horns meet the head, bulk it up a little.
As for the jaw line, its a bit of a tricky problem, if i move the chin flaps further back then they look wierd, but as they are they are concealing the jaw line and i realise i will have to make them very soft and bendy if i want the mouth to open, so its something to think about.
El-Akimein, if you check the sixth attachment of the first post, thats an orthographic view, so it can look forward to a certain degree. Just nothing too close to its forehead, but i’ll keep working on that.