Detailed human skull

Even though it’s not finished, you can already download it on sketchfab. The model is under a CC BY license.
At the moment I need to finish sculpting, then I will retopologize and paint textures.
Any critiques or contribution on the model are welcome.


Nice Model ! Sculpting skulls is a real fun.

Skulls are so great! There are some extrange things going on, that may be from the ethnic group, so I love to see the reference to help you rock this skull!

I used mostly Skull sketcher and did kind of a mix of the male and female proportions, according to what looked nicer to my eye. But skulls can be of very various shapes so I wonder if mixing those would give something impossible or not.
For the teeth I observed my own and also the work of this guy. The top teeth may be the most unfinished part for the moment. They look really weird.

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domain looks… inexistent?

It’s been in maintenance for about 20 hours and should come back soon. Check their twitter if you want to follow the progression.

I went to the cached site, and downloaded the decimated version, thanks

Maybe you could try putting a candle on top of it’s head.

Thanks for the suggestion (a bit simple though and I don’t really know what artistic purpose it would give). In any case at the moment I’m still at the sculpting step (and several other steps are still required as told above) so there’s no need to suggest additional stuff yet. But it’s on Blendswap so anyone can put a candle on it !

very good job , I like the anatomic detail at skull base , I think that teeth need to be modified to be more realistic

Okey! I download it, and, I must say it is a nice model, but the anatomy is really mess up.
This is a clear case of trying to go with the observations skill only and not knowing the anatomy. I really recommend you to check the anatomy, you will find a lot of errors.
But really I don’t know what you want this for, if it is just to be in the background of a large piece, then is perfect, but if it is to make a realistic and anatomically accurate skull, there is much work to be done.
Also, female and male skulls are different and it is not a good idea to mix references. if you want to do a skull that is not male, not female, you can do a 6 years old child.
Is best to make a male or a female version, and then modify it to be the other gender.
My recommendation is:
*Decide for male or female.
*Chek anatomic images of skulls.
*Search for the different bones of the skull.
*Search for that in your real reference while you are sculpting.
Or… something like that hehe.

I can’t install that program because I’m on Linux, but if you make a screenshot of the different views, I can see the references.

I download it & sculpt the teeth as I learned from my job -I am working in dental technician lab- quick modification

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Thanks Tonatiuh, I will follow your advice (again when I have time which will be in several months). For Skullsketcher on Linux, doesn’t it work with Wine ? Otherwise I found one of the Skull sketcher models as an obj here. Appareltly Ten24 gave it away for free at a time and later decided to sell it ? But there are still links to the free model here and there.

wissammax that looks pretty good ! If you want to share it back that would be awesome.

Ok , I just save the teeth to minimize file size

Thank you wissammax. I wish you didn’t do it on the decimated version but it’s okay, I will apply those modifications to the hi-res version.

Tonatiuh I didn’t see your own skull model. Amazing work ! The insides are much more detailed and the lower jaw has a nice junction with the teeth. Also I have to add earholes.