Detailed Republic Attack Cruiser

This wil be my third and final attempt at a Republic Attack Cruiser aka the Venator Star Destroyer.
I dont care how long this takes, it might take all damn year, but i’m going to finnish this one.
Here i have just begun: Few polygons at the moment, but i’ve made sure that they are all in the right place:
Here you can see i’ve started in detail on the bridege. here’s a link to a screen from the film so you can compair the top of my bridge to the real thing:
Hmmm, i think i need to dim down my Blending computer monitor, its quite dark here but seemed fine when i rendered it.
Help would be appreciated if anyone could find detailed blueprints for this. Most SW machines are easy to find but not this one.

GREAT, I love the venator. I always wished to model one but my attemps, well, were not so great.

Good luck!

I’ve been wanting to do one of these but couldn’t find any good references.

Are you able to work with those perspective shots?!

Where did you get your reference!?

You might think of posting that over at

Nice job so far!!

Exile: Thanks, like you i have tried previously to recreate this cruiser but i had one disastrous attempt and one mediocre attempt that didn’t actually look like the Venator but a different ship entirely. This time i mean business.
Laughing Cheese: Like i said, finding refrence is difficult for this ship. I do have to work from awkward perspective. I have the Incredible Cross-Section book which is handy but only has one picture, a few internet pictures and the DVD of Star Wars Episode III, which i am using as much as possible.
Zog34: i thought about it and decided against it because i couldn’t be bothered.
I’ve finnished the bridges. I still need to add turrets for the extreem low poly version, it will be used for ships that are far in the distance. I will need to make a medium poly version aswell, for mdeium/far away ships.
Vert count for the bridges are about 15,000 each.
It occurs to me just how well designed this ship is looking at it in a 3d window. The guys at ILM designed and almost flawlessly beatiful ship. I can’t really find an angle it doesn’t look good at

I swear I had a few reference images somewhere when I had a half hearted crack at this one but seems I deleted them! I guess you were aiming for a final still not a fully fledged fan film, but I have a practically finished battle droid (rigged, but averagely), a 2/3rd finshed clone trooper and a 50% (but will end up quite detailed) finished republic gunship if you were interested in the files. Plus reference for those three things too.
If I find good ref for the venator again I’ll post / PM you. Good luck though, bridge is looking great!

Also, are you planning to make a lower poly one and and generate a normal map or two? I wouldnt mind helping with that side of things.

Hm, you need to adjust the lighting a bit. To really appreciate all the work you do, all the details should be clearly visible but that’s not really the case…during the modeling phase, I’d stay away from such a strong source of light and make a rather flat (not boring or totally flat, but RATHER flat) lighting so one can really see the mesh as a whole and get a feeling for the modeled details.
Ah, well looks like a huge project but since I do have quite some experience with “greebling”, I know that it can be done. So, keep at it :slight_smile:

And to complicate your life further, the main way to force your model to look like it is half a kilometer long instead of ten inches, is to bevel the edges. Nothing like a knife sharp edge to make your mesh look like a plastic model lying on the table.

Of course this sends the polygon count through the roof, so one generally only does this on the main edges.

Blender has a nice bevel script, like most other professional modeling packages. For this very reason.

I love the detailling, they look just like in the movie! If you need other references I would suggest converting this venator model (it is fully compatible with blender once you runned the script)…

Also, every starship is unique so don’t hesitate changing minor details!

Looking good, keep at it :slight_smile:

Very good progress on the bridge…this is my favorite star wars ship. I do have one critique - the ridge around the outer edge seems a little high. That may be solved be texturing, details and lighting however. Just read another post…the bevel might also fix this.
P.S. just cause I’ve always wanted to try my hand at ship modelling I’m going to try to model Grevous ship from the first battle in episode III.
P.P.S. actually I’m going to make a super star destroyer.
P.P.P.S. actually I’m going back to grievous’ ship

BenDansie: Thanks, some good refrence would be handy, at the moment i am going through the opening sequence of Episode 3 adn scetching what i see out with pencil. But often whats drawn in pencil looks better than it does in polygons, so, i’m still struggling a bit.
Myke: I know what you mean. For the purpose of modelling i might aswell make the lighting a bit more even.
Nyrath: Thanks i now know how to use the bevelling script properly, but some i went and did manually. I tell thee, thats tricky.
Exile: Thats cheating! Although it is a georgous model, very detailed, it may be my primary refrence from now on, although there are mesh errors, and considerable inaccuracies. mind you, i’ve found bigger innacuracies on mine. Huge infact. I think he got the proportioning slightly wrong, the film venator is thin, his almost has the depth of and imperial star destroyer! Certainly by compairing the bridges mine is about threee times more detailed.
Tcrazy: yeah, i’ll adjust the modelling as i go round, bevel whats needs beveling as i review it later on.
Good luck with Gevouses ship! I’d look at the Star Wars Episode III Incredible Cross-Section book for help with that, its on the center fold-out pages.
Some small progress, although after looking at the scifi mesh, i may alter things a bit, its a very messy mesh.

ive been awaiting this thread for months!

The amount of detail is incredible! I can’t wait for updates ! Will you release the model for filmaking?

heum I mean educationnal purpose?

I’m watching is all i can say.
How will you texture the ship once all the modelling is done though?

How will you texture the ship once all the modelling is done though?

search the forums for his highpoly Star destroyer

you will get the idea of how he is going to texture this one

Unfortunately I don’t have the Star Wars Episode III Incredible Cross-Section and can’t find many pics of the ship…which btw is called the Invisible Hand. I may do as you are doing and go through the movie

Looks great so far!


The ship looks excellent! I’m sure that it can’t be easy, but you’re doing great!
P.S. The pictures look fine on my monitor.