Detective baran

i made this a long time ago… but i didnt have the time to upload it…
also i wasnt sure about it how it looked like ,
but anyway her it is

there is nothing awesome about it other than :
made it with blender 3d and used 0 textures !
and also the stupid ost were made using FL studio
you can also find more on:


Dude, this looks awesome! I love the style and really enjoyed it. Its very atmospheric. Must have been a ton of work. Great job! :slight_smile:

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thank you so much man !!! i am really glade you think so …

i didnt actually thought that it might make someone like it … thanks alot

Awesome work, looks great

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thank you so much man !!! :slight_smile:

Great work, the animation is very expressive.

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thanks alot man !! it means so much :slight_smile: