Determining what layer new objects arrive in.

My title says it all. How do I determine what layer new objects show up in?

They always appear in the layer you’re currently on…?

Not for me. They always appear in an empty layer in the second group of layers, the one selected in this jpeg. No matter what layer I’m in, all new objects go to that layer.

Well, all I can say is that it works fine here and always has worked that way for me in previous versions of Blender.

It would help to have more information about the problem. What you are describing, if accurate, is highly abnormal behavior for Blender.

  1. Does this happen when adding any object from the Shift-A menu, every time? Or are you perhaps appending/linking/otherwiseimporting objects from another file?

  2. Does this happen in any file, or just one particular file?

  3. What version of Blender are you using? Where did you get it from? What are your computer specs/OS/etc?

Sometimes it occurs to me also, either appending or making a new object, that it goes in the third layer, while I’m working on others.
This happens in several versions of blender.


Yes, it does it whenever I hit shift A to add a new object of any kind. I’m using the latest version of Blender, downloaded from the official site, and running it on a Mac. It’s doing the same thing in every file.

OK…leaving aside that “Mac” is an informal brand name for a group of thousands of possible computer configurations and not a useful answer to computer specs and OS…

So let’s say you create a brand new file. Without doing anything else at all, you hit shift-A>Mesh>Monkey. Suzanne shows up in layer 8?

Have you altered your startup file perhaps? Could you show us a screenshot of what you get when you hit File>New?

Ok I’ll have to follow up tonight when I get home. I’ll get back to you. But I’m running a 2010 13" MacBook Pro with 8gigs of RAM.

If it does indeed behave as I’ve just described (brand new file, do absolutely nothing but add a monkey mesh), I’d recommend that you reset your install to the original settings and startup file. Do File>Load Factory Settings. You’ll need to then re-activate any addons or theme changes you’ve made, but be careful when changing your startup file. You can change your user preferences without altering your startup file these days (this was not always the case; saving user preferences and startup file were once the same operation), and I generally don’t recommend messing with your startup file unless you know what you’re doing and have a good reason for it.

K Horseman, you may be right of course, but I can’t figure how the startup file or preferences can be involved.


sourvinos, I have a suspicion, but I’d rather not say just yet.

andynewsom, assuming you can confirm the steps I outlined above (brand new file, add, etc), before you do a factory reset, could you attach your startup.blend for us to check? It’s located in /Users/$user/Library/Application Support/Blender/‘Version Number’/config/ (you’ll need to show hidden files in your System Preferences in order to see it).

Have you installed any cursor modifying addons, like hide cursor or remember cursor location?

This would be a bit of info from your preferences file… in your preferences/ addons /enabled what do you see outside of the usual import/export render, and add mesh addons? Anything with a experimental tag?