[Dev] How should the Property Action Actuator behave?

There are currently two ways in which the Property play mode for the Action Actuator can work:

  1. The 2.5 way
  2. The 2.6 way

In 2.5 if the Action Actuator got a positive pulse, it would keep updating animation with the supplied property until it received a negative pulse. In 2.6, the Action Actuator only updates the animation when it receives a positive pulse. This gives a bit more control, but it means pre 2.60 files need to switch over to using pulse mode or some such to get the same effect. In other words, the 2.6 behavior breaks compatibility with 2.5/4 files. On the other hand, should the behavior be switched back to the 2.5 behavior now that we’re at six releases with this other behavior?

I’m hoping to get a bit of feedback from the community on this.

At beginning I was not happy with the change because it adds the need for constant activation. In the meantime I got used to it and use a Property change sensor with True Pulse.

I can see the benefits of both solutions. One is more efficient when the property rarly changes. The other is more efficient when the property changes often. I gues most users use the worst option to use an always with True pulse.

How about a flag that tells the actuator to deactivate after playing the one frame like Tap on sensor or terminate on steering actuator?
That way we can have both and it is possible to automatically migrate from 2.5.


Adding another option is a possibility. However, it does complicate and clutter things. But, if people want something like that, I could look into adding it.

Not applicable[-]I use the property editor actuator as it is, so I don’t know how it used to be, maybe have the switch for a few builds? I guess I can download 2.5 etc and check it out

I think it does make better sense that pulse mode must be on the actuator to play constantly, but changing the behavior could mean a bit of work tracking down every animated object in old projects and turning pulse-mode on.

Perhaps instead, someone could make an addon that automates this process?

We have “terminate” flag in the steering actuator already. It is useful there when using the actuator sensor.

With the Action Actuator in Property mode it is more a question of efficiency as I described above.

I’m not sure if there are so many old version demos left, to deal with the incompatibility. Newer once need the right setup anyway.

O action actuator! lol

sorry off topic for real!!

is that where I can have the action always playing the animation of frame own["Property’]?

The 2.5 way. I haven’ used properies to animate since 2.5, so never noticed e change. What was exactly the goal behind such a change?
For me efficiency comes first!

I guess it was efficiency and the animation engine redesign.

Moguri, while comparing the two methods I see that having the actuator running active all the time (especislly without a property change) is not efficient either. I vote let it be as it is now.