Developer Meeting Notes

The “-0m” is superfluous though. It also kind of doesn’t make sense to have two negative signs and two different units in a field like that.


I am quite sure that most users would like to see a “stable” numbers instead of those FP numbers. Hadriscus: if there would be option to turn these FP numbers off i would be very happy. I need simple clean usability like for example 2 m 47.5 cm (2475 mm) without those numbers appearing sometimes. I often keep snap to grid option when constructing game/archviz assets and even then those numbers appear into modifiers or elsewhere.

I am no mathematician, but it should be possible to prevent those numbers somehow for average users?

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They could simply be clamped to the second decimal for display. That ought to be easy. Really I’m sure I remember a time when this was possible… Maybe I’m mixing up with another program.