Developer Meeting Notes


(xrg) #1

I’m going to try dumping all Developer Meeting Notes into one thread. They rarely generate much discussion anyway. Plus, being in a single thread allows for easier bookmarking/tracking.

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(Ace Dragon) #3

Two things of a highly notable interest from my perspective.

  • Jacques has arrived and is set to get the Everything Nodes project started :smiley:, though at the same time it it is a wise move to make sure 2.8 is all ready for serious production first.
  • The crash pad, what does it do and how will it increase the rate 2.8 becomes stable?

Overall, 2.8 appears to be in good shape so far.

(mib2berlin) #4

Some information about crash pad, mostly interesting for nerds. :slight_smile:

Cheers mib

(Johan Walles) #5

I’d argue that Crashpad is pure gold to anybody who wants to use Blender and have it not crash on them.

Crashpad enables developers to:

  • Fix crashes without needing repro steps
  • Know about crashes without users having to file tickets (I assume most people don’t)
  • Work on the most common crashes, rather than just the ones they can repro / happen to know about. Super important in a team with limited resources.

So if / when this is put in place it should be a huge boost to Blender’s stability!

But I do agree that the actual implementation details in the patch might be nerds-only :slight_smile:

Regards /Johan

(xrg) #6

New icons for Blender 2.8
(Simon Storl-Schulke) #7

Wow this is huge!

(Steffen Dünner) #8

Awesome! This rough weekly changelog would be a version jump from 2015 to 2019 in Autodesk terms! :wink:

(Indy_logic) #9

Hold the phone!

From Brecht’s Report:

  • Port smoke modifier to copy-on-write.

So does this mean that Smoke is working in 2.8?!!

(razin) #10

on the weekly report of Sergey :



(Craig Jones) #11

And this right here will help a lot toward getting texture work started very easily :smiley:

(xrg) #12

Yeah, I tried it and it even seems to align the nodes nicely. :star_struck:

(drgci) #13

Amazing week of improvements i can’t wait for more

(Hadriscus) #14

Hmmm so smooth. Lover-level sculpting… I wonder what to expect.

(0o00o0oo) #15

Shoot, when did this thread begin? I proposed a single thread like this focused on news some time ago and I was shot down. Glad you were able to get this one going! I’ve been missing the development notes since the mega thread was closed. :grinning:

(zeauro) #16

No. It means that code of modifier is compatible with copy-on-write system.
But currently, cache is still not working. And EEVEE volumes are still limited to bounding boxes rendering.

We can add textures from slots panel. But it looks like texture paint mode is not ready, yet, to handle a material containing 2 textures.
It does not matter what slot or node I select, I can only paint on one texture.
No ability to switch. I have to disconnect the other texture node from shader node to be able to paint on second texture.

(xrg) #17

Will blender 2.8 become the most powerfull 3d package in the industry?
(Thinking Polygons) #18

So that means no opensubdiv for 3 weeks. :smile:

(drgci) #19

Really? This is sad news

(Thinking Polygons) #20

afaik, this is the guy working on it, so i guess that’s it, unless he decides to work during the holidays which is highly unlikely :v: