Developer needed for blender add-on!

Hi there,

I’ve been making this model of an Apple MacBook and I’ve also been developing an add-on to control it. However it’s starting to get a bit complicated and beyond me. I would like to request the help of a developer that can finish the add-on off for me. If you are interested please let me know and I will send you the .blend file, my current progress with the add-on, and a list of things to do. I’m simply doing this to create an easy way to control the features of a MacBook 3D model I have created. I do intend to either sell it or upload for free (haven’t decided), but I won’t be able to pay anything for this. Sorry if that is of any inconvenience.

I would like the add-on to be able to:

  • Toggle the iSight camera light

  • Toggle the menubar and dock

  • Toggle backlit keys and their brightness

  • Change the screen brightness

  • Toggle dirt and dust

  • Change the brightness/volume/backlit key icons on the screen

  • Change the screen rotation

  • Change the screen texture (wallpaper)

  • Change the MacBook color

  • Add a new MacBook

  • Delete a MacBook

Currently I have all but the following completed:

  • Change the screen texture

  • Add a new MacBook

  • Delete a MacBook

Any help on this will be hugely appreciated!

Thanks, Matthew

It’s not clear exactly what issues you’re having. If it’s a python issue, perhaps if you would give the specific technical hurdles you face with each of the undone tasks, we would be able to help more. For example, what issues did you run into when you tried to implement “Macbook change screen texture”?

Also, you’re more likely to reach developers if you posted each of those specific issues in the Python Support section of the forums… or the IRC or mailing list.

If on the other hand, you’re asking about how to approach the tasks, then I would suggest:
Change the screen texture - Create multiple texture slots in the screen material. By enabling/disabling, you could easily control what texture is displayed. If you’re using cycles, maybe creating multiple separate materials each with “fake user” enabled and with a single screen texture would be a better idea. Then you would swap in the materials from code based on the selected texture.

Add a macbook - duplicate existing macbook. If you have multiple models of macbooks, then you might want to store them all on the last layer (junk layer) and then duplicate them into the current layer when needed

Delete a macbook - this depends on the behavior you want. you could simply delete the active object. or keep a list of macbook objects in your code. and use that when deleting.