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(Al_Capone) #1
The Link page for developers is now updated, alot have been added and organize, looks for source, python codes, text editors, library, ray tracer, renderers, physic, simerlation, fractial and anything else to help locate, learn and find the things you need to aid in your development, improvement, ideals for improving blender, application and projects, enjoy

(meestaplu) #2

Excellent collection.


(S68) #3

Your idea is commendable, but, pleas, add a brief description to each link :slight_smile:


(Al_Capone) #4

Maybe in the future, it took me over a month to find these links and to post them, I still have other webpage to make as well, hopefully in about a few months, I would have time to this and I have college starting this week, so I wouldn’t expect it any time soon.

(Skanime) #5

Can’t view the page.

(Al_Capone) #6

I can’t even see my home page, the server must be down.