Developers: compensation

What developers can expect according to one source:

We need to set up better channels to teach people to become developers.

I have tried for years to chat with someone and have them ‘hold my hand’ while I learn to code blender,
No one will.

We could have more active developers that stay on, as well as help people get a useful skill.

Since it’s not really possible to distract fulltime developers with teaching, maybe someone could make a ‘game’ that teaches blenders guts? how to code C++?

also, maybe having a ‘zipped’ blender developer kit for each OS?

lowering the barrier for entry would only help blender.

@BPR: We have ways to teach people to code and develop. They’re called … universitites, where you pay people for their time to teach you how to develop software (not just code).

I have tried for years to chat with someone and have them ‘hold my hand’ while I learn to code blender,
No one will.

If you pay us, we will.

That is a silly methodology that is doomed.

I think the answer is something like secondlife but you can code c and c++ etc, that is free.

people hang out in sandboxes and make stuff,
and teach each other and share what they have made, and small example files that are neat and demonstrate something.

My world relies on intelligence to not be malignant and terrible.

For something as complex as code, you should make sure you’re capable of at least figuring out all of the smaller details without the need for hand-holding.

For the main concepts, yes, there would need to be more intensive instruction. For the other concepts though, things should just start to piece together on their own unless you’re willing to pay for an intensive course in the subject (be from a university or a mentor).

I know it might be tempting to just ask someone to hold your hand right when something stumps you, but you gain a valuable skill if you can learn to at least attempt to figure things out before going there.

I have been grasping new concepts and snagging libs into python, and using dictionaries to call functions to not resort to large if else loops,

and college is not fun, or play…

which is silly because that is how we are programed to learn.

(this is my entertainment)