Dialogs not showing (Loop Cut and Slide in particular)

Apologies if this has been asked before, I am not even sure I have the correct terminology.

My problem is this, at least in Loop Cuts. I enter edit mode, and hit CTRL-R which executes the loop cut as expected. However, all I see is the number of cuts showing in the status bar. Only after I execute the command do I get that little box in the lower left corner “Loop Cut and Slide”.

As far as I am aware, that should show at the start of the command, and allow me to enter a specific number of cuts?

Can someone please tell me what I have changed to remove the default behaviour? When you’re doing one or two cuts it probably makes no difference, but if you want to add 10+ it becomes a little annoying. A link to another thread is completely fine too. I have tried google, but I think I am not asking the question correctly.

many thanks

Afaik the dialog open at the end of the operation,
i do not ever see it to open before at any time or know a setting for it.

You can just type a number after CTRL+r to set the count or use the mouse wheel.

Was just coming back here to report

If I do the CTRL-R and make 1, then press ESC the dialog shows up and I can edit the number of cuts. it’s weird, don’t think this is the same on other commands. Tried by downloading a 2.8 and the 3.0 Alpha and all three were the same behaviour on my system.

But watching a YouTube that guy didn’t have the same behaviour. Weird and annoying, but at least I am able to continue working