Diamond Ring

A product model for a client of mine, this was a quick simple project Making gems might surprise you by being a pretty simple process. You just need to follow the physically accurate nature of gems. Make sure it’s faceted, which if you use Blender there is a convenient add on called Extra objects which has gems in it (they can be adjusted like the long ones in model). Then the material needs to be set up to break light like gems do, creating the sparkling effect.

Polygons: 16,472
Verts: 16,493
Samples: 1000
Resolution: 1920x1080
Software: Blender 2.79

This model was made in Blender. As such some features may not be included in 3ds Max, Maya, or other 3D Software.

Resources and References used

  • Images of Diamonds for reference
  • Images of silver bands for reference
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You can consider me to be a type of inexperienced in this field of product design… My question is why was there a need to uv unwrap the mesh… Can’t you directly apply shaders on it or is there some special work u have done with them ? Btw ur work is stunning :slight_smile:

I suppose in a few cases the procedural shaders here would work just fine for blender only workflows, but if the client or myself want to bake any part of this then the UV map will be critical. I like to unwrap any model I hand off just so that it’s easier for others to work with if they need it.

So tl;dr it’s just good practice, not necessary in all cases.

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