This project was made, completed, modelled, and dusted in 2 days. It’s the height of my modelling.(yep i suck) However it’s kind of a test of Bullet Physics, which has been integrated in 2.66.

I’m sorry I was moved to use tinypic, youtube is banned here. (DARN!!!)

I’ve added some cool slow-mo effects as well, and some 2 hours in Aftereffects wasted :frowning:

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Here’s a still screenie from Aftereffects with exposure (darn, forgot!)


Darn. I nver get any comments at all.

As I said again,sorry I used tinypic :frowning:

Very creative, but the upper part of one of the objects is very bright. (;

Didn’t you see the videee–oh? Just as I suspected.

Anyways, hmm, must be the over exposure.

I’ve tried making two die fall to the ground too. I think the die maybe too heavy and as such they don’t bounce sufficiently. Nice exposure though, I like it.

JCL, did you use Bullet Physics?