Dicycle Racer

Well I’ve been working on this for a while now and finally got to a point where I can’t make up my mind on which direction to take this. here’s whats going on…

The main thing is figuring out whether this should be an on-road “fast” craft, or an off-road “slow” craft, and the second thing is how scientifically “possible” it needs to be. I’ll go through and explain some of the areas that I’ve spent extra attention to so far and need feedback on. (if a part is red, then it means I’m still in question if it should be there or not.)

Stabilizer wheels: (front, back, both, or neither)
I’m debating these just because of realism, I’m kinda thinking that they interrupt the flow and feel of the craft, but on the other hand, this thing would roll back and forth a lot without them…

Wheel’s slant: (outside of wheels are larger then inside.)
This was initially done for the sake of realism, but I noticed it would effect the look of being on or off road a lot, so this is probably going to be decided by the first main question.

Solid vs. “holy” tires:
This one is more cosmetic, but my other reasoning for the holes is driver vision.

Airfoil fins: (located right above and behind the driver seat.)
Started as an alternative to the stabilizer wheels, but if this craft is a slow off-road type, then they really wouldn’t work at all.

Engine: (located right behind driver seat.)
I’m going to wait and see if anybody can figure out how the power gets to the wheels before I ask anything more on this.

Obviously any critique you want to give is welcome, I just gave the above as a guide to see better what I’m questioning the most.

Thanks for reading!

Great modeling, keep it up!

Nice work!

Just two notes:

  1. I’m wondering if the holes in the wheels will work if this is a fast vehicle. Maybe animating the wheels at different speeds would answer the question? An alternative could be to make only the edges of the wheels rotate around a static core.

Keep posting
/ Mats
2. IMO, keep the stabiliser wheels; I’d even make them expandable/contractable.

so… its basically a funked up wheel chair?


well I guess that’s one way of looking at it… :frowning: but I was really hoping to inspire thoughts a little more grand then that. Got any suggestions how to make you not think that when looking at it?

Mats Halldin,
I’m now thinking a fast version would probably will not need the holes, in my last render you can see some variations that started heading in that direction. and I think I’ll slim them down a bit too.

So with the help of some friends/siblings (and Mats) and a little while of not looking at it here is what I think I’m going to do. (answering points from the first post)

It will be a “Fast” on-road craft.
Stabilizer wheels: yes, for both, and most likely retractable.
Wheel’s slant: no, because the wheels shape is changing enough to void this.
Solid vs. “holy” tires: solid
Airfoil fins: yes
Engine: no one said anything about this… :frowning: I’ll give a hint, it uses a liquid to transfer power.

I will have the updates as soon as I can… but please keep the comments and suggestions coming!

Nice concept, there’s alot I think you could improve on though…

my 2 cents would be that wheels with holes are unpractical, and they need some kind of profile to keep a grip on the road. If you want a racing vehicle you could make them thinner.

There doesn’t seem to be any form of suspension, This would kill any driver, no matter what road.
Maybe if you made another ring between the wheels and the chassis you could work out a suspension in that area.
I notice the cushy moonshapes that look like they contain fuel. There’s a thing that could be a fuelpump at both ends of each moonshape.
And there are lines going from the lowest area of the cushions to the block behind the chair so that would be the engine .
The idea behind those moonshapes as fuel tanks is nice, but could cause a lot of trouble for stabilising the vehicle.
Ever been behind a truck carrying liquids and wonder why he takes corners so very carefully?
You want the fueltanks to be lower, and NOT leave space for the fuel to flow to when you suddenly brake, accelerate or take a corner.
Not to mention to have the fuel lines in such a place is very hazardous in case of an accident or if one of these somehow gets damaged.

Either the seat is too large (and not adjustable) or the pedals are to small, but I’m guessing the second. People need more place to put their legs.
The seat needs to be adjustable, and should also have a support for the head. I do notice you have seat belts. Good.
There doesn’t seem to be room for accessoires, but most importantly, there are no mirrors! and no steering wheel!!

I like the idea, but as it is, I think it’s impractical.