Did anyone experience yafray crashing linux?

got blender(2.34) and Yafray(0.07) , when i want to render with yafray it take a long time, this is the default start scene, and eventually my machine freezes, not even a ALT + CTRL + DELETE helps, I have to restart the system completely. this doesn’ happen all the time but regular enuff to piss me off.
alson nothing gets rendered, just a black screen :frowning:

anyone else had this problem,
I have a 1,7 mhz athlon xp, 384 mb ram on a nforce board.



I’ve just installed a new 2.34 CVS test build, and Yafray 0.7 rpm, and
all works fine “out of the box”.
Sure, it takes time to render ( the test files), but the result worths the wait
Very beautiful

Try to open Blender in a console, load one yafray test file and read the lines that will appear on the console.
Yafray will “talk” a lot