Did it happen to YOU??

Hi, i´m rigging a new character, and something really weird happened.

At some point, the mesh started to get a kind of delay in the deformation. I move the bones, and the mesh is somewhat a frame delayed in the movement.
There are no delay option activated or anything else, it just started to happen one day.

The solution I found was to delete the armature modifier and reapply it. Anyway, when I hide the mesh´s layer or sometimes when I enter the Weight painting mode, it happens again.

It´s kind of aleatory…weird…

Oh, and it all happens in the viewport, I don´t think it happens at render time.

It sounds as if you were having a cycle inside your rig. Check the console and look for any “Cycle at…” message.

Nop…there was no cycle message. I solved it anyway, but it sounds more like a bug to me. The thing was that some of the objects (eyes, teeth, etc) were parented to the main body of the character. These objects had separate armature modifiers and were weight painted.
For some strange reason, this parent relationship caused the main body to have a delay. Oh, and one of the eyes, which had exactly the same settings and relationships of the other eye, was having the same delay problem, while the other one didn´t . Well, I cleared the parent relationship, and everything started to work fine.

Thanks anyway Maléfico!

I have also a “delayed rig”, but I use curve IK setup with external curve. Maybe it will get better in new builds, the constraints were recoded completely