Did OBJ/Collada export functions change in 2.69?

suddenly when I attempt to export OBJ only the item I have selected I get an OBJ that is essentially empty (4K file)
if I export the entire scene without clicking on the SELECTION ONLY box in the OBJ export it works. It did it to me exporting a Collada file as well. I’m importing into Daz Studio, the name of the file shows up but no model

Did something change in 2.69? I always used to do this without this issue?
I am on a Mac btw, my specs are in my signature.

this is what I get btw in the file
# Blender v2.69 (sub 0) OBJ File: ‘Room4.blend’


mtllib dresser.mtl

the first image is what I’m using, the 2nd image is the model in blender. anything I import it into is empty.