Did the behavior of the knife tool change?

I upgraded to 2.77 from 2.75 and I noticed that the knife tool has been adding edges automatically whenever I make n-gons, most of the time in places where I don’t want them. I end up having to delete these stray edges and faces and it slows down my modeling. Is this just a new setting or is this how it works now? Is there any way to get the knife tool to work like it did before?

Here’s an example. I made a simple cut and then scaled down the edge. Notice the stray triangle in the 2.77 version which is actually a piece of non-manifold geometry.


Only seems to happen when the end of the cut ends in the middle of a face, snapping the cut on an edge or vertex produces expected results.

I see what you mean. It seems that I just miss the edge ever so slightly on occasion that it makes an extra edge. Would there be a way to make it behave like it did before? In the previous versions it simply won’t make a cut if it ends on a face. If my recent retopo sessions are any indication, I seem to miss the edge quite a bit.