didnt know where to ask this......

so ill just ask here.

i modeled a low poly character for a game. but the file size is unusually large 286 MB. like to the point that it slows down my comp. the model was just over 3k verts

then i modeled a high poly model with over 100k verts, but the file size is small. just 3MB

what the heck could be the cause of such a thing?
please and thanks.

That is ridiculously large. I really have no clue, but check how many scenes you have.

Check to see if you have a Subsurf modifier on the slow one.
Or a particle system…

no just a single scene, and yes it does have a subsurf on it, but its only one level.

perhaps if i upload one of you wouldnt mind terribly taking a look?

Downloading 286MB is a bit daunting, but yeah, go ahead.
I take it you tried Remove Doubles and checked in case you had duplicated the object a few times inadvertently?

try and append it to another blend

well with remove doubles, there were only 7 verts, and that didnt acocunt much for the file size, and i appended to another file, and the model brought the file size along with it >.<

anyways heres the blend file i appriciate you all helping me


You’ve got two 5000x5000 textures packed into your .blend. Maybe that’s the problem :wink: .

I’m not even sure if I want to know why you’re using 5k textures for a 3000 triangle model.

323kb now thatssss mooore like it. how could i have been so stupid >.< thanks man.