Difference Blender, Maya and 3DS Max

SHORT: Can someone please give me the pros and cons for 3DS max, Blender and Maya I have been struggling allot understanding the differences they all seems the same but the price.

I have been struggling with my homework which basically I need to provide a selection of software and justify which one I should use. The software’s I have chosen are for animation Blender, Maya and 3DS Max…

There is one problem no matter how much research I do I just can’t tell the difference between these software’s :frowning: the only thing I understand is Blender is free and 3DS max/ Maya isn’t. Can someone please give me an overview of what the differentiates these software’s from each other besides one costing more and having a different interface.

From what I know Blender is free and is popular giving a lot of tutorials making it easier to learn where as 3ds max and maya just costs more and look different.

ok i haven’t tried max but from what i know its good in poly modelling and is used in the gaming industry alot

maya on the other hand i’ve been learning recently. Compared to Blender, Mayas modelling is awfully slow. I am starting rigging and animation which seems to work decently. My guess why all the big studios use Maya is because of the high scriptability. Oh and at least the student version likes to crash a lot

And Blender is the opensource all in one suite. I think it is actually really good for a start in 3D. The UI isn’t actually that bad (compared to maya and zbrush) but when using blender you should use hotkeys 90% anyway.

It would be extremly helpful what kind of animation and in what field you want to look into.
sidenote; as is written in the forums rules, please refrain from asking about software comparissions ,these comparissions are not allowed.

a quick pro and con to Blender;

cons of Blender
cons; working with multimillion meshes is nearly impossible when you want to edit them in modelling mode.

the pros of Blender;
you get all you want and a bit more in one package,
fast updates,
tutorials are good and on a high level,
if you want or need to, you can add functions either with C# or with python.
loads up fast
cycles is a cool render solution for animations.
rendering on network is possible with cycles.
fast bugfixing
there are amazing scripts like rigify and you can get with a bit of searching nice rigged figures.
you are allowed to render on every device you get which is compatible with Blender. <- important for renderigns of animations.

Blender is used in broad fields where animation and 3D plays a role.
scientists use it, game artists use it, in movie making it is used,
it got used for previz simulation /animations in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier
and so on.

for more specific answers more specific questions need to be asked. :wink:

Most Simple Explaination of diffrents
1.Maya is a very professional program used with renderman in the hollywood film industy
2.Blender is a fast developing program which is going to meet hollywood standarts soon, (surely by 2015)
3. 3D’s Max is an very basic program, with proper learning it can just over reach blenders features but toturials are in low numbers.

Personally i would go with maya, but to start with is blender more than exellent.Thanks to cycles.
Unless you want to make a blockbuster of epic quantities, blender will serve you very well

3ds max = games
maya = movies
blender = gavies

3ds max = professional useage.
maya = professional useage.
blender = hobby/enthusiasts useage.

There are of course also other differences, which explains why Blender is mainly used by hobbyists. To name a few, Blender has a limited eco system, there are nearly no professional plugins or renderers available because of the GPL license of Blender. There are no official tutorials and there is no official support. Manual is incomplete too. UI and Workflow is a bit cumbersome. Pipeline to other software is not the best. And Blender is a bit behind in quite a few areas like the bones or fluid system.

I just can’t tell the difference between these software’s :frowning:

Then you don’t need the expensive ones yet. That easy :slight_smile:

When your goal is hobbyists useage then you are fine with Blender. When your later goal is to join the industry, then i would nevertheless have a look at the professional tools, and start with them. Most 3D packages have a educational version for free.

I appreciate the help alot but the information needed isn’t for me wanting to get it, its just for research on school work if i had a real business what software would I use to for my short film animation and why instead of the other which is why I am try to find the differences.

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