Different frame ranges for different input nodes ?

Hello, it’s me again. :]

I have many image sequence nodes connected to a file output node, and all these sources do not have the same frame ranges. One is 65 frames long, another one is 150 frames long, etc. The problem is… it seems all sources are calculated according to the longest source there is - which means if the longest source in my case is 150 frames long, the one that lasts for 65 frames will still be computed until frame #150. Obviously this adds computing time… in my folders there are duplicate images of the last frame (#65) that go till #150.

Do you know a way to avoid that ?


You want a batch operation with frame count variable. I don’t think that this can be achieved by the compositor. I don’t think that you can animate the output node. I would suggest seperate scenes for each with appropriate length timelines but you can’t initiate renders for all.

You can render from command line perhaps theres a way to start rendering a bunch of scenes that way?

It’s really not possible out of the box ? I’ll try with your multiple scenes trick. Thanks for the suggestion ! I have no idea about the command line, I’ve never used it.