Different Gpu's on same computer

(daddario90) #21

Pixelfox you are right. I think i will wait a little bit to get another 1080 or maybe another used 1080ti…
I found one in my country used at 450€ because the guy is going to buy a rtx. So i think i will invest my money like that. The only thing i’m scared of is the power supply, because of 2 gtx 1080ti are at least 600W (my gigabyte 1080ti is like 280W and the other i found is an msi 1080ti trio that is 375W max). In addition to that i have an amd threadripper 1950x that is 180W power consumption. Will i be able to use my corsair hx850i with 2 1080ti?
I specify here my config so maybe someone could help me with consumption power!

(Markus Mayer) #22

Yes of course. Bigger card is always better.

Edit forgot to answer the question: Personally I don’t reach the written TDPs with my system. R7 1800x and 2 RTX 2070s. I can’t speak for the 1080 but I don’t think they really reach the max. Vendors tend to give themselves some leeway.

Anyways, you also have other components that need power. So all in all the next step should be a new PSU. Just keep an eye on it.

(Pixelfox) #23

At a minimum you need to make sure your PSU has the appropriate type and number of power connectors to support the cards you want to put in it, since the more power hungry cards require more/different power hookups than the lower power ones.

600W might be risky for two 1080 class cards, and so a PSU upgrade might be a good first step.

(Markus Mayer) #24

Öhm, But he has a 850 Watts PSU.

Any way. Throw your parts at this:

It will give you a really good estimation of what you need.

(Pixelfox) #25

Oh, misread then. I’d think that would likely be OK, but check all the numbers and cables.