Different Gpu's on same computer

Hi everyone !
Just a question (maybe stupid)… is it possible to have 2 different graphic cards on a single computer? I have now a gtx1080ti that i use for viewport, render and monitors (obviously with blender!)… i would like to buy a gtx 1050 ti only to power my 2 monitors with no sli or other things like that ( asus fullhd and a benq 2k)…i know somebody in this forum that use it but i have never seen it in work… people online all say that it could be dangerous for mother board ecc… do somebody have experience in that?
Can i buy a second different gpu and use it without problems? And the most important… are there some real benefits from using a second gpu only for monitors? It that case the 1080ti that i have could be more free for rendering tasks…is it right?

Happy blending everyone

The one thing you need to check is if your power supply is strong enough to handle the two GPUs. Otherwise, no problem. I’ve been using mixed GPUs for years now, even different vendors.

My power supply is a Corsair HX850i. And my Motherboard is an Asus Rog Strix x399-E.
I think it’s enough to have 2 gpus but i didn’t found more informations about this! Can you help me please?

Should work OOB.

Either way, GTXs can’t run headless (Windows will reserve some memory on both for display) and when using both to render the one with lowest RAM puts the limit on how much of it can be used for rendering.

Not excatly. Just been experiencing similar situation.
In Linux it would be probably no problem but in Win 10 I would strongly suggest
checking on Nvidia Community forum first. Besides Win 10 w/latest drivers CANT handle different WDDM /1.3 and 2.0/ driver models together. And sufficient power supply reserve is a must of course.

And why should it handle two different wddm models? Both cards will run fine with the same driver.
I would strongly advise to not ask anything Blender related on NVIDIA forums. They are vastly dominated by gamers, that will tell you that this won’t work and bring out the SLI argument
All this isn’t applicable to Blender.
This setup will run just fine provided there is enough power. Which is given by an 850 Watts PSU.

Edit: The advantage in the suggested use lies in that a rendering process won’t steal performance from the GUI. And you can use your computer for other things like browsing the web. Or office stuff.

I’ll put up my own experiences here. It’s an issue that’s currently being worked on by the blender devs, you can read all about it here;


But I’ve had mixed results.

Two RX480’s not in crossfire…didn’t work with 2.8
-Did not test in crossfire
Two GTX1070’s not in SLI…didn’t work with 2.8, works in 2.79b
1 GTX1070 + 1 GT710 worked
2 GTX 1070s in SLI + 1 GT710 worked

I run 6 monitors, which is why I’m hogging so many video outputs.

So as it stands as of the moment of this writing, there is not guarantee that two GPUs will work if you’re using both for video outputs.

Edit: The devs found a workaround for my issue. if you right-click the blender icon, theres a “Render OpenGL on” option where you pick one GPU and it’ll launch. Cycles still renders on all GPUs, it just restricts the viewport to run on one GPU.

I have a 850W power supply in my system with a RTX 2070 and a GTX 980 which works great. I have three monitors that I run off of the 980. If I put another card in my system then I would look at getting a bigger power supply. I’m also running Linux Mint, so YMMV.

Same here. 2x 2070 non sli. When rendering on both I merely hit 300Watts in the spikes.

Had a 1050ti before and tried it with the 2070 together. Worked like a charm. I passed the 1050 to a relative so I can’t test it right now. But as I said it worked.

Edit: btw. @HardRooster. We are talking about NVIDIA cards. Please don’t mix in your problems on the RX480.

Edit 2: Just tested it in Windows and I hit around 320 Watts there.

In short:

  1. Obviously your not familiar with WDDM problem, so hold on.
  2. Did not say ‘Blender’ related on Nvidia forum, gtx driver related, thought its obvious.

I wish the guy NOT to have problems with 2 gtxs. Unfortunately its not always that easy with latest
Windows 10 gtx drivers.

Well then please, go ahead and educate me…
Or is that short attack everything there is to it?
Is your oppinion based on anything at all? Because you make it sound as crystal clear that this won’t work. Yet I and a slew of other don’t have any problems with such a setup.

Again, tell me what I don’t know. I’m always eager to learn.

Got no issue running Q M5000 along GTX 1060. Am using drivers that work and stay away from latest ones (usually it’s just gaming shit thrown in for latest generation).
Yup, often times issues arise with those being first in line (cannon fodder), since i only do computing, no gaming, i simply observe - lesson learned.

Windows 10 is less problematic than Linux. I’ve used a mixture of GTX and Quadro cards, from the GTX 460 series to RTX 4000. for many years, and all it took on Windows was to install both drivers.

Yees, but honestly I think one 8GB 1080ti that’s also being the system video is probably capable of being sufficient here. Using a 1050ti for the GUI probably has noticeably worse performance than the 1080, and rendering on both cards would be maybe 20% faster, and limited to 4GB of memory.

Unless you NEED to be doing intensive 3D work while you have long running renders going in the background. But I find a single card fine for my Blender usage.

Personally I wouldn’t bother. If you can get say a used 1070 or 1080 then I think it would be worth it.

Wow. First beeing told to hold on for asking a question and now this.
I am clearly the aggressive one here.
But I don’t want to hurt your feelings even more. So please have a nice day and ‘clear’ the issue in your wonderful eloborate manner.

Edit: just to make this clear. I didn’t flag that post.

Hi everyone.
The think is that i don’t need to mix gpus for rendering, for this i can simply use my 1080ti and choose with blender to render only with that. But for now i don’t have enough money to buy a second one. So i choosed the 1050ti, but only for monitors, not other tasks. It will be used only for that. But with all these answers i didn’t clear my mind :frowning:
My power supply and my motherboard supports multiple gpus… But i read that Windows 10 (that i have) could create some errors with drivers of different graphic cards (also if them are from same brand nvidia)

To my knowledge, both the 1050Ti and 1080Ti would use the exact same driver, Nvidia has unified them.

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Exactly. I don’t see any reason that this shouldn’t work especially since we are talking about two cards from 10xx line.
As I already stated earlier this even works over 2 generations. Namely 1050ti and 2070. All with one driver.
I’d say go for it and if there might arise some problems. I, and surely a lot of others too, are here to help.

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It’ll work great, should be pretty much plug and play, but I still question whether it’s going to be worth the $200 or whatever the 1050ti costs you. I would spend another $50 and get a used 1070 (or save up more for something new) that would have 8GB of memory and so would work in rendering alongside the 1080 with no reduction in available memory, and be a substantial performance increase compared to the 1050ti which will likely slow down your monitor experience and contribute very little to renders other than cutting the effective GPU memory in half.

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Pixelfox you are right. I think i will wait a little bit to get another 1080 or maybe another used 1080ti…
I found one in my country used at 450€ because the guy is going to buy a rtx. So i think i will invest my money like that. The only thing i’m scared of is the power supply, because of 2 gtx 1080ti are at least 600W (my gigabyte 1080ti is like 280W and the other i found is an msi 1080ti trio that is 375W max). In addition to that i have an amd threadripper 1950x that is 180W power consumption. Will i be able to use my corsair hx850i with 2 1080ti?
I specify here my config so maybe someone could help me with consumption power!

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