Different keying sets for Auto Keyframe and manually added keyframes?

Is there a way to use a different keying set for the auto keyframes than for the keyframes added by pressing i and selecting from the menu that pops up? I want the auto keyframes to only add to channels that already exist in the current animation (so, for example, I can have auto keyframe on but adjusting control bones or other objects that aren’t part of the animation doesn’t add keyframes or create new actions), but it’s a pain to have to open a multiple-menu-deep setting to switch off keying sets when I want to manually add keyframes to something that doesn’t already have a channel in the current animation (EG if I’m making a new animation and I want to set loc/rot keyframes on a bunch of bones in an armature).

I thought maybe “replace” in the auto keyframes panel was what I was looking for, but that only replaces if there’s currently a keyframe on the active frame, otherwise it won’t insert new keyframes even if the channel already exists.

Is there something I’m missing, or maybe just coming at this from the wrong direction?

Thanks in advance for any help!