different modeling techniques

This is the first major project I’ve done in blender, and the first time I’ve posted in this forum, so I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing.
I’ve worked through about half of the modeling tutorials from the noob to pro wiki, but the technique it teaches either doesn’t work for what I want to do, or at the very least, it’s inefficient, and making things harder than I think it needs to be.

I need to make a set of twelve fantasy canine models, that will be fairly easy to unwrap a UV map from, so that someone else can create the textures for them, and send them back to me so that I can apply them to the mesh.

I’ve got the head started for one of the breeds, using the technique from the noob to pro tutorials, and have gotten this:

it’s not near at detailed as I want, and it doesn’t unwrap easily, which makes it hard for the person making the textures (she’s a complete beginner at making textures for 3D models, and I want to make it easy for her)
the simplest I could make it was this:
and even then, it will be nearly impossible to include some of the details we’ll need.
I will be completely restarting this project, hopefully using a better technique.

I intend to eventually animate these, but that won’t even be attempted until we’ve got all our models, and all the markings for each one.

I’ve seen other models which use a different technique to create a much better-looking mesh, but I haven’t seen any tutorials for it.

if this is in the wrong place, please tell me, I’m still learning my way around.