Different shapes of meatballs?


I use Blender 2.70 on a Mac. My question is if it is possible to have a metaball with a different shape.
As I know metaballs are typically cubes or spheres. But I need some kind of cylinder or egg or random shape.

Is that possible? How?


You only have the meta shape available to you in the add menu as well as the shapes you can create by combining those together (egg shape for example)

If you want complex shapes you’ll have to use meshes

Hi Richard,

thanks I understand!

You can place a meatball into Edit mode. This will present you with a couple of extra parameters under the N-KEY panel that shows up along the right-side of the viewport. The Radius parameter only shows up in this panel and not in the data block view (as it should IMHO).

Hi Atom,

thanks - I will take a look!