Different textures on the same object in cycles


From what I’ve seen, to allocate different materials to the same object you need to select the faces in edit mode, create a new material and click assign. So to have a different material on a part of shape you’d first select the whole shape, click new under the material pane and give it an overall colour/texture. The you would go in and select the faces you wanted to be different, click new again and select a different colour, then click assign.

I’m either doing it wrong or don’t understand :wink:

I’m using cycles in blender 2.63


That’s a material, not texture… make several material slots for 1 object, assign different textures (mostly it’ll be procedural, built in ones) to materials and the rest as you did - select mesh parts, assign. Materials… not textures.
For different textures you need different uv layers and related unwraps for each layer. Different story.

Thanks eppo,

A mistake in terminology on my part, I just want em different colours :wink:

Indeed materials is what I meant.

And? Does it work like that for you?
Same applies for blender internal and for cycles. Texture slots - you could think of transparency lists packed to make something combined new, related to one material as opposed to different materials assigned to different mesh parts. For BI in compositor it goes even deeper that that; in cycles since they use nodes, its kinda available in package, say, use image b/w mask to separate different shader/texture combinations (materials) to put them on different one object’s parts.
Again - simplest method- assign overall, select needed mesh parts and assign another material (color :)).

No it didn’t work but I’ve just worked out what the problem was, there are two “+” buttons in the materials window, the one close to the assign button is the one I was clicking because logically that seems like the one you’d use…
That section isn’t laid out very clearly is it? :wink:

Hey at least i don’t need to split things to new meshes anymore!

Thanks for the assist though and not leaving me hanging :slight_smile:

lol… that reminds me 2 hours talking on phone and solving DOS .bat file guts, where guy on another end was listening my dictated “do” and writing “du” at the same time, just because that is how it is in our language… I did mention ‘Slots’ several times :).

You’re more than welcome! :slight_smile: