Differents time scale


I’m facing a problem and can’t find any solutions. This is a karaoke video with lyrics that suit with the music. I create a water simulation and slow the time scale to 0.300
Now the lyrics are shifted but if I set the time scale to 0.000, lyrics going to be synchronized with the song but then my water simulation is not going to be slow and this is what I’m looking for :sweat: … what can I do ?

Maybe it could be fixed with a simple calculation, I don’t know , how can I keep the actual real time for the lyrics and slow my water simulation at the same time ?

I did the lyrics on blender because I was interested on their deformed structure with the water droplets. Something impossible if I would have done them on Premier pro for exemple

The solution has finally been found !!

In fact the sample rate (ghz) of the music wasn’t match with the frames per second. The sample rate of the music was modified to 44.1ghz (originally at 48) and I modified this value on blender also and put 25 in fps. I then shifted the lyrics in accordance with the new changes and FINALLY no more shifts when rendering!

here a subject that talk about it a little bit : Audio/Video out of sync in rendered video, but not in VSE - #4 by Silverland