Difficulty with Bllender and blendshapes from external apps

Hi everybody,
I’m relatively new to Blender but not to 3D work.
I have some Blendshapes or morph targets sculpted in a modelling package outside of Blender but basically from the same object so when I import the .OBJ files the face and vertex count and probably the vertex ordering are identical. I am just wanting to animate between the different targets but I’m not having any luck.
I’ve tried the deform mesh modifier and it adds a shape key without trouble but when I adjust the slider I see no effect.
Anybody have a link to a page or video they can share to solve this challenge? In short I have a character that needs to “grow” limbs and fingers etc like the Cartoon Network spot “the duplicators” that Meindbender studio did.
Thanks in advance.

Use the ‘Join as Shapekeys’ option to transfer the shape of one object to another as a shapekey. You can then keyframe the value of that shapekey to animate from one object to another

Demo: http://screencast.com/t/l6B4Uqhi

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Thanks Richard, I’ve got it working!