diffuse color/new material

hi guys!

i’m quite new to 3d modeling with blender (version 2.49b actually) and this is my first big project:

i highlited the cab of this construction machine cos that object is my major problem.

i created a material to map an image -texture to this object via uv- coordinates. afterwards i removed the texture and the material from the “cab”.

then i created a new material and this time i changed the diffuse color “Col” in the material- panel to assign a basic color to the cab - with no effect!

changing the diffuse color only works on objects i never linked a material/texture to.

i would like to know what steps to take to solve this problem.

it would be great if someone with more experience could help me in this case.

thanks in advance and my best regards from germany


First off I’d like to say that your model is excellent. It looks really good for your first one.

Now, as for your problem. It would help more if I could see all of the panels in your material properties, but as a first guess I would check to make sure you actually removed the texture.
Or it could be a problem with the material assigning: In Edit buttons while in edit mode, under Link and Materials Panel is the an area for assigning vertices to a particular material. You may have the vertices in this object assigned still to the original material.

It’s hard to guess what’s going on here. Are you using material nodes?

First off I’d like to say that your model is excellent. It looks really good for your first one.
hi, Consideringthepickle.

thank u so much for your quick and usefull response as well as for your comment on my work thats still in progress.

u somehow pointed me the right way mate… :yes: my assignement was the key.

while in edit mode i deleted the uv- texture layer for the mesh from the mesh- panel. then i changed the diffuse color with succsess:

i hope this makes some sense for u mate. i think the removed uv- texture layer is some residue from the first material i assigned to the object to uv- map an image to the mesh.:confused:

thank u very much, Consideringthepickle!

my best regards from germany to the us

You could also uncheck SolidTex button under ViewProperties panel, instead of deleting UV layer.

Glad I could help. I really get bugged sometimes working with the UV/texture mapping system myself. It can be a little frustrating not knowing what’s going on.