Digital arabic time (finished)

Hello everyone,

I finished my work this afternoon :stuck_out_tongue: after some hysterics moment when I didn’t konw how to solve some problems.


Hoping you’ll like… :

Some parts are unfinished.

I would really doubt that arabic countries are cradle for humanity, every week there are bloody examples they are not.
I would really doubt that arabic countries are cradle for writing, China wrote thousands years ago.
I would really doubt that arabic countries are cradle for religion, it is just few centuries when Muhamad was born and invented Islam.
Anyway I guess to bring these topics is not in compliance with forums rules.

I think the same, if any moderator can erase this topic, please…

I don’t want to create conflicts, that’s not what I wanted to make…
I know it very very open to criticism.

edit: I erased the story.

My apologizes for don’t been enough clear on what I wanted to make…

The idea that the middle east is the cradle of humanity comes from the theory that human life started there. Also, name one continent that isn’t constantly have bloodshed.
The mid east is believed to have the first standardized and widely used written language.
The three largest religions all came for Arab lands, Judaism, Christianity AND Islam. I think that qualifies as the cradle of religion.

It’s become far to easy and common place for people to take unwarranted shots at the Arabs and I’m disappointed to have seen that here, in a place where all people of the world are coming together to share our love of 3d art. Especially in a way, so uneducated on the subject. Please refrain.

Excellent post, and welcome to Blenderartists! :slight_smile:

A few minor notes (AFAIK): it’s generally believed (though by no means proven) that our species originated in the Great Rift Valley region of Africa. Also, Judaism isn’t one of the three largest religions, but it’s certainly in the top 10. You’re message is spot-on, though, and I’m glad to see it. Cheers!

To the original poster…

It’s a very nice looking image, but does seem a little unfinished. I think it would be a good idea to raise the light level on the vases a bit, since they’re a little hard to distinguish at the moment (IMO). Maybe just a single fill-light near the camera, so their shaded sides don’t go to pure black. It would also be nice to see some texture work done on the buildings outside… maybe a little contrast between the old style in the foreground, and the more modern construction in the distance?

I like the texturing work you’ve done on the walls. Keep up the good work!

whats up with the building in the background?
i didnt know they had such clean grey houses there :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for the warm welcome and for pointing out my mistake. What I meant to say was three of the MAIN religions, sorry. :wink:

Although the “out of Africa” theory is still the leading theory as to the source of man kind, the mid east theory is the oldest and from what I can tell, the best. The “Out of Africa” theory is the top theory do to the fact that many of the oldest human remains were found there, however this doesn’t take into account the fact that most modern European and Asian cities and towns are built atop the old. Needless to say that’s made it hard to find artifacts. Cheers mate.

Sorry, also, for keeping this so off topic. I like OP’s render. Seemed kind of like a hide out or something. Reminded me of an Assassins Creed concept art.

I like the wire frame you used in the vessels in the shadow - I guess that is wy you named it ‘digital’?

Floor and wall textures seem a little flat and the buildings in the background are not textured.

First “known” written language: sanskrit - originated in the middle east
First “known” place of civilization - Ancient mesopotamia (guess where).
*side note, these first cities were driven by the formation of agriculture which was driven by the first known uses of irrigation.

I am sad that I missed the story because I feel that I am missing something but some of the posts I have read really make me sick. I also have to appologize for posting this but sometimes you just can’t help it.