Digital Ecorché project

Hi! This is my first time around here, I have to admit that I am not really a sculptor but a 2-D guy doing everything in drawing and painting basically. That said I apologize for my crude attempt here. This is a project I have been working on and off for over a year now and maybe it’s interesting for some people. Also might be fun to share some knowledge :smiley:

The premise of me using Blender was mainly to learn and study anatomy, doing a 3-D sculpture of a guy in anatomical position only depicting the bones & the muscles. Here is a pic of what such an exercise looked like when I was still in school, made in clay:

Now I started to do the thing in Blender, not having a lot of prior modelling knowledge (I knew a bit about pushing vertices around and extrusion and stuff, but not really). So I made up a simple version of a skeleton

Already works well with setting up poses etc :slight_smile:

cool models ( clay and polygon ) ! I am also a somewhat traditional artist, and find blender useful in setting up poses, perspective, etc.

You should keep it up cause that background knowledge comes in super handy

you can use the 2d skills after you unwrap :smiley:

you can draw a lot of detail in after the modeling is done.

Normal mapping is very powerful

Wow thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

@Modron: Thank you! Yeah, after doing and learning perspective from scratch I use Blender for the setting up of geometry now. I do think that you need to have the fundamental knowledge first to control it properly though. Just so that you can sketch out compositions properly on paper first, also there is small things like that the center point of the camera doesn’t have to be and traditionally actually never is the center of the image, but cameras have this as the standard and so does Blender. Gotta know your basics :slight_smile:

@Daniel Powell: Thanks man! I hope so, can only go up from here, right?

@BluePrintRandom: Thx for your comment! I have heard and saw some tutorials on UV and texture things, I will try to get into that even though I feel it is a huge field judging by the fact that there is whole university programs just dealing with that stuff it seems. For this project i don’t intent to do much texturing though, it’s not meant to be a model for a final render, just a reference marquette for painting or modelling over basically.

Actually, with this I am already MUCH further, sorry if I mislead anyone, I just could post 3 pictures in a post so I wanted to continue in the process in this and another post. I am done with preliminarily putting in the muscles, They are all planes, being manipulated through acurate bone insertion lines, modifiers for the vertices and constraints for the bone mechanics mostly.

Here is an eample with the trapezius, I made it in 8 such sections, 2 for the tendon-sheet in the middle (in yellow) and the other 6 as the muscle sections around the various shoulderparts.

Another progress shot to show the differrent movements and interactions of the muscle-planes.

Here is the state that the thing is in now, I’m quiet happy how it works so far for the first pass of sculpting, basically :slight_smile:

Here’s the model in the anatomical position (Baseline)

The net step will be to adjust a few mechanics that I am not happy with, it’s mainly the solutions for the frontal Torso muscles (especially the abdominal muscles) ,the Deltoids (Not quite happy of how they deform when pushing the arm back and up at a certain point). and adding volume and shape to some of the forearm muscles.

After that, I will introduce some more little muscles that aren’t that important for the big planes but nevertheless visible, like part of the feet, the hands and maybe some lateral leg-muscles.

Having done that, I will delve into getting a proper system for changing proportions (It works somewhat now through scaling the bones and working on some muscles afterward, but it’s all very crude still), setting up a female ecorché and other bodytypes for example. Also beginning to work on fat-tissue, but that’s still a longish way down the road.

Really happy with what I can work with already, but still a lot to do :smiley: