Digital Media Palooza

Hello everyone. I decided I wanted to keep a running collection of my artwork for a digital media class I am taking this year. The first semester is a photography/photoshop curriculum and the second semester will be works done in Illustrator. I’ll be updating it every week or so, so if you like it please check back. Comments and criticism most definitely appreciated.

Side note: at school I use Photoshop and at home I use the Gimp. I also use Qtpfsgui for hdr shots. And then there are photos that I didn’t post process at all.
A standard railroad shot at sunset
Another w/ diff exposure
Post pro sky
Three hdr shots
Not much to say about this one other than my bro is an awesome model :rolleyes:
Pre masked
Cookie if you can figure out how I did this. And btw, it wasn’t masking.

That’s all for now. Thanks for looking.

hmm… I’m guessing you stood under the railroad bridge and stuck your hand out?

Yeah I had my brother shimmy under the bridge and stick his hand up(you can see the x beam he was on in the hdr shots). Anyway I’ve been busy shooting some self portraits for our next assignment and I’ll have them edited and up probably next Wednesday at the latest so you can look forward to seeing my ugly mug. But here’s the finished product for the last assignment, Truth and Beauty:

My teacher didn’t understand the truth and beauty in this one but I thought it was pretty evident. Can you guys tell what its meaning is?

Alright I guess the meaning wasn’t as clear as I thought it was. Anyway, I’ve finished up the self portraits so here they are:
We were only allowed to use filters in photoshop so the lines are actually cooked spaghetti noodles I places one by one in my drive way. It was also pretty late when this shot was taken so I had to set teh shutter speed to 2 minutes and just lay there without moving.
Not too much to say about this one
#1 rule at work: absolutely no thongs

Geez you guys must be tough critics or you’re stunned speechless. I must admit, it’s a little discouraging to post 14 pictures over the course of almost 3 weeks and only have one comment.

Anyway here are a couple I shot for the assignment Exhilaration and the other assignment Tranquility:
Shot at the dam. Two exposures blended with a 3 second shutter speed on one of them
This one came out disappointing. I wanted a blue color scheme but there was too much red in the original photo
I really really like how this one looks when I upped the exposure on it. The mist over the dam makes it imo
This is a photo straight from the camera. I set 40 second shutter speed and had it flash once while I was sitting for 20 seconds and moved quickly and then had it flash again after I stood for 20 seconds. I’ll put up the edited version when I finish with it
Shot under the train bridge. I like the repetition in this one
The branches really ruined this photo…
A couple of images looked great but when I uploaded them they turned really grainy. I don’t understand why that is.

I took close to 250 photos for this assignment and I uploaded 20 or 30 to facebook which is too many to post here. If you would like to see the others you can view the album here:

If you took the time to look at this thread I would really appreciate a comment or criticism, anything at all! Thank you

Btw, in these photos I’m the person wearing the striped jacket. The other two guys are friends from school.

Hello all. I’ve got a few more images here, this time they’re still lifes we shot during our 45 minute class. Please tell me what you think.

Still Life
This is just a basic one that I corrected some shadows in the background. Very simple.
This one I did nothing to other than make it black and white. I didn’t use a flash and there were no shadow issues to take care of on this one
This one was a little disappointing. I tried to do a fake tilt/shift (google it you want to see some good examples) which basically makes a picture seem like a miniature shot. I shot it at too low of an angle I think.

Still Life Final
This one was the most work. I color corrected it, tinted it slightly blue, softened the shadows, cloned out a few blemishes, and changed the saturation of certain colors ( which in B&W changes how they sort of glow.) I’m pretty happy with this one

I also forgot to post my final for exhilaration and tranquility so here they are

Exhilaration Final
My final shot for exhilaration. I’m not entirely happy with it. I don’t necessarily like the overlay but it was a requirement so whatever I guess.

Tranquility Final
It’s too dark and purple in my opinion but it is what it is I suppose