DigitaReactor Demo Reel

Hi, I would like to share with the community my latest Demo. All animations done in Blender over the past few years.

hey digitalreactor, i have some feedback if you want:

  • too much vignette for my taste
  • either leave away the TV thing completely, or if you insist, zoom in completely on each video (so that theyre fullsize) and leave away the shaking. for my taste the shaking is irritating and annoying and may take the attention away from the content.

i really like the particle effects at the beginning and end. :slight_smile:

Hey, thx for reply,
I’ve made it with TV’s because all animations are in different dimmensions and FPS - it was easier to put movie tex, then rendering all again in the same size :slight_smile:
and she shaking is annoying me also, little too big and unfortunately I’ve noticed that when the whole render was done :slight_smile: