Digman's Sketchbook

This is a dyntopo mesh. He was non-symmetrical but As he will be for animation at a later date I made him symmetrical. Textured in 3DCoat, Rendered in Blender with a displacement map. Painted the teeth, eyes and a little over painting in TwistedBrush plus a filter.

The non-symmetrical version I will continue to work on in Blender…

I was not going for realism or perfection but a view of the schism of his world.

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nice work :smiley:

Nice work so far!
I also love the painted stuff. Very rembrandt like style.

A hand study rendered in Cycles but sculpted in 3DC. Just having some fun with post work in Twistedbrush.

Still working on the study…

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A girl bust study. I joined CGCookie and have been watching Doris’s tutorials on sculpting which are great! Girl sculpted in 3DCoat. Table modelled in Blender. Rendered in Cycles. No uvs, models all boxed mapped and some postwork in TwistedBrush including the frame. A vertical composition.

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hey thank you for the praise, but you really did such a wonderful job on this sculpt, it is not my but your success. very well done with a beautiful presentation!