dimensional control

hey guys, prob im an idiot!! never-the-less here it is…
can i create surfaces (nerbs or otherwise) that i can build/control dimensionally??.. i might want to render a kitchen for example…

oh and when i import from elsewhere the size is oh so large!! actually i had to reduce from 10,000mm (real life room set) to 100mm in scale to fit the camera and default lighting etc …whats that??.. a 100x reduction!! is that normal to work in micro scale??

brilliant renderer so far though!!

pps… any ideas on the best translator from rhino3d??


There is no such thing as scale in 3d… it’s all relative. Or basicly one thing is only a certain size relative to another object. And yeah so it may well be that other 3d apps use a different “scale”. It’s nothing to worry about. You’re not working in a miniature… those don’t really exist :wink:

Blender can be used for dimensioning. Just use ‘Blender Units’.
1 Blender Unit = whatever you want
It can be 1 inch, 1 meter, 1 light year. Just be consistent on the measurements. You can always zoom in and out to work on detailed items.

If you were doing a room like a kitchen, 1 Blender unit = 1 foot would probably work well.

thanks guys
ill look into the blender!! (units)
i was thinking overnight that the smaller scale of objects is better suited to mapping hi-res textures and the like?