Dining Room

A while back I made a fairly decent kitchen (for me, anyway) so this is the expansion of it. Actually most of the same kitchen is in the background of this pic…

Known problems:
A cabinet is missing a handle
There’s nothing outside the window
The curtains need a top and possibly a pattern/texture

Maybe redesign the whole half-kitchen idea, not sure how it should look (Anyone have a decent reference pic?)

C&C appreciated, thanks


not bad! but 2 things are quite “ugly” to me:

  1. the style of the table really doesn’t fit with other stuff and the fact that is completely transparent makes the scene quite empty;
  2. I don’t like at all when the wall of the kitchen ends and starts the white one.

btw all I said was, clearly, IMHO.

This looks very nice- I like really like the airy light.

One thing that pops out to me is that though the modeling style appears to be intended to look as realistic as possible the image feels like it’s on a dollhouse scale.

I think this is caused mainly by the size and extreme reflectivity of the floor tiles. In the scale of the image the floor tiles are much larger than the usual max of approximately ten inches- perhaps twice that much. Additionally the grout lines between them is far larger than it would appear in a real floor and most floor tiles are not that reflective or specular. Wall tiles in a kitchen or bathroom might be, but floor tiles are not.

If you are trying for full realism, I suggest you tinker with the floor a bit and you might be amazed how much more realistic the suddenly becomes. Another even easier trick to give it a hint of realism would be to add a strip of floor molding along the edge where the floor meets the dining room wall.

i can imaginge walking into that scene, treading on the stripey towel on the kitchen floor and it slipping sending me flying and impaling myself on one of the table legs where they bend up to a sharp point.

I think the glass table needs fixed. The actual glass hasnt got any reflections on it and is very transparent. Most glass tables have a slight tint so you can see the glass.

I keep thinking the glass is going through the leg closest to the camera.