Dinner of the rich _ Still Life


(Cromat) #1

A 3D homage to the still life paintings of the dutch golden age. With stylistic similarities to Claesz, Claeszoon and Van Dijck.
Most parts are classical sculpted and modeled, on the walnut I tried out photogrammetry with 3DF Zephyr. The Textures are mixed from CGTexture, Poliigon and procedural.

(alf0) #2

wow this is so much crazy man, i thought the first img is a refrence
nice work

(Okhuelegbe Nosa) #3

This is amazing work man, the textures are super- realistic.
great work

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

Stunning work, I’d love to see higher resolution versions :slight_smile:

(3dbigsel) #5

this is so wonderful ! great work !

(Victor Delgado) #6

I am in awe of your art work!

What shaders/Textures/materials did you use? asking for a friend :roll_eyes:

(AKB) #7

Wonderful material and lighting work…well done

(Eugenia Ozirna) #8

Superb work! It looks very impressive!!!

(Cromat) #9

Ty Bart!
I changed the image input! While uploading it here from device, the images are somehow downsized.

(Cromat) #10

Thank you all! Glad you like the result! :smiley:

(Cromat) #11

Hey Victor! The core of most shaders are PBR-shaders from the tutorials of Andrew Price, some the principled shader. The meat and grapes using SSS and the glass an additional volumetric shader. Most scratches, roughness, rust, dirt is procedural mixed in, in addition to the smudges-texture of poliigon. The Wood Textures is FineWood from CGTextures and the textures on the wall is actually from FriendlyShade.

(3dbigsel) #12

are there flies around the meet ? nice.:smile:

(GarageFarm.NET) #13

pretty impressive work
Me too would like to see it in higher resolution

(Bart Veldhuizen) #14

I’ve added you to the #featured gallery. Enjoy :slight_smile:

(1D_Inc) #15

Amazing! Love this details)

(Teck-freak) #16

Hey Cromat,

Very nice picture! (now I want to sit down on that table and start eating :smile:)

Some small tipps:

  1. Your nuts are to big (:wink:)! Between half the size and 3/4 should be about right.
  2. Something is off with the leather bag. Its to glossy/not rough enough and probably to light-coloured.
  3. there’s too little going on on your knife and fork. The ivory looks flat. give it some more slight thin cracks in the surface (surface still even, just add some thin dark lines looking like superfine cracks)
  4. The flintlock on your rifle is on the wrong side.

Also the placement of knife and fork suggest you’re lefthanded while the rest of the layout suggests you’re righthanded. All in all though it’s a wonderfull picture. :slight_smile:

(neonbulbs80) #17

Awesome work! Still life is always hard to create in CG and you nailed it.

(ted3d) #18

Amazing! fine work and great picture


the meat is uncooked, they are going to get sick.

(Hiisi) #20

Why the meat is raw? Anyways, great job! I’ve added you to the #featured gallery. Enjoy :slight_smile: