Dinner Plate

Hi , i modelled this Dinner plate earlier this morning, mainly to fool around with materials and lighting/camera stuff , because i feel like i have somewhat neglected it until now, and i have a few questions for you guys(other than just wanting some feedback)

I started with a circle, which i extruded to get the basic shape of the plate itself, then i selected all the vertices of the mesh and pulled them down and slightly inwards on the Z axis to give the plate a thicker look. after that i tried to give it a more ceramic look with the materials, added a spotlight and a hemi lamp (spotlight was to try and show off the shadows to look like the object was actually there , as opposed to just blending into the plane it’s sitting on.

If anyone wants me to upload a .blend then i will , anything to help you guys give me feedback , i just want to become better at what i’m doing , any and all constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, tips on how i could have done anything better , things to improve on, thanks!


looks like a plate on a white table. So you achieved your goal. I personally would have made a curve that would represent 1/2 of a cross section and convert to a mesh and spin it to get the plate, then use the solidify modifier. However, both workflows are decent, and yours might be better for doing a fairly flat plate. i like spinning curves for making bowls and glasses.

The lighting works to highlight the curves on the plate, but a different colored table would really highlight the plate better. Try making the table cloth a checkered picnic style one, then the plate will really pop. Did you add any reflectivity to the plate? I would expect it to reflect very slightly (think glossy ceramic)

Yeah i did , but i guess i dont really have an eye for how big a difference the reflectivity can make yet , im still just messing around when it comes to lighting. as for spinning curves i remember i tried doing that years ago while trying to learn maya , i’ll try it again , i never did get the hang of how it worked to be honest.


There are some tuts on it. but here is a synopsis. make half a cross section of what you want to spin. place the 3d curser at the center of the object, change the view to be looking along the axis you want to spin around, click the spin button and adjust the settings to spin the number of degrees and segments u want to do. let me know if you have any questions, thats a really bad synopsis.

So ,for example a dinner plate like this one i would ‘spin’ using the top view right? just to make sure i’m not getting the wrong end of the stick, thanks