Dinning room

Hi guys,
I’m new at this forum. I would like to present some of my works.
I made this some time ago to try Yafaray renderer. It was my first attempt to this renering engine.
C&C are welcome.
Regards for all,


Welcome to the forums!

I love how the brighter colours came out. Look forward to seeing more.

Welcome…great first post :slight_smile: Really nice!

Ohh thanks guys for a a warm welcome. I’m workinkg at the moment on something more comlex than that scene, so I hope I be able to attach render soon. Also interior.

Welcome to the forum! awesome first post!

Nice job. Is the wall texture paneled on purpose?

Thanks place 57. Yes, it was on purpose. I made at first a big texture of concrete but than I wanted something more like a wallpaper or panels so I did this.

Hi all,
Resuming an old thread, because few people asked me how I made a wooden floor in this visualization.
So I made a tutorial about making a wooden floor.

Hope somebody will find it helpful :slight_smile:

Regards, paulina.