This is a little character I’ve been working on. The textures are just for fun at the moment, will UVunwrap it when it’s finished. Currently working on the hands, not quite what I want yet. Any comments or crits welcome. I put the wires in so you can see what I’m doing, let me know if I’m way off on my approach. Thanks!! :slight_smile:


Haha looks cute, i like your style.

Thanks, wasn’t trying to keep it realistic, more a cartoonish look. There’s still a bit to add, and finish. Needs a tongue, teeth, texturing, and rigging, etc.

Small update:
Finished the hands/feet/mouth, what do you all think? At this point if all looks good thinking of unwrapping and texturing, then rigging for some more interesting poses and possibly a scene.


image of hands/feet


Not bad, cute little dinosaur…with sharp claws, and teeth…

Ok, so I’ve almost got the rigging done, then I’ll update his pose but I got a little tired of setting up all the vertex groups so I decided to do a little background work and this is where I’m at.


Fits in perfectly, but there is a bit to much fog me thinks…like the fog on the ground is fine, but the rest that is making the image fuzzy…

I think the fuzziness is the jpeg compression, looks good at full res to me. But, I’ll play with the levels a little more and see.

Opps, you ment the atmosphere was too thick, yeah, here is a new render with a better one me thinks :stuck_out_tongue:

updated atmosphere…


Haven’t had a lot of time today to work on this but was able to add a little DoF and hopefully lowered the atmosphere a little. Will have more time tonight to work on it. Anyone else out there other the DDD (no offence 3D :wink: ) would love to hear other opinions on this.


Looks great! Do you think you could make the dinosaur a little bigger? Even though it’s not fully grown (or at least, that’s what I’m assuming. Correct me if I’m wrong), I still think it needs to stand out a bit more.

lol, I guess it does look young, never really considered it’s age. I can always scale it up that shouldn’t be an issue. Any ideas on the lighting, right now I’m looking at it thinking its a bit too dark. Would also like to add some bubbles and steam coming from the water behind him, kind of like a hot-spring. Thanks for the comment!! :smiley:

So I got a little more rigging done, hands/head though I’m having some issues with a few fingers. But wanted to show of his teeth and tongue a bit. Also made him a little larger in the image.


Ok, another update. Been playing with my lighting and atmosphere. Starting to like this one but wanted to see what you all think, are there any areas that look bad? Comments appreciated!


looks pretty good!
i dont know about the blue fog though :stuck_out_tongue:
also some bump maps or displacement for the skin of the dino would look nice

Ye, everything looks nice, except the blue fog…wtf? lol

looking really nice , i like your dino ;).

I’m not really sure why I have the blue fog, I turned off the atmosphere and it turned blue, I’ll see what I can do about that as well as the texture of the skin. Thanks for the comments!! :smiley: