dinoey lizardy thingy

(LohnS) #1

something i’m working on, hows it looking?


(Night4554) #2

The tongue just isn’t convincing me…
and the ground looks too small, or the dino too large.

but man is that incredible Neo!
Put more work into that and you can sell that in the BW Store!

(jsplifer) #3

I never saw a kangaroo like that before…nice skin…aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh CHOMP


(Atariman) #4

It sure is looking good. You may want to work on the eyes, teeth and the feet don’t look like their on the ground. I can’t wait to see it when your done with it.

(scrappy) #5

nice, put some alternation in color and shades in the skin texture, looks like a solid green toy dinosaur. but still nice.

(BgDM) #6

The eyes and the teeth totally detract from what is a great model. These two items need some work.

As scrappy said, some colour variation in the skin would also make this come more to life. Maybe play with a secular map as well.


(stephen2002) #7

not bad, it would help to crank up the quality in Terragen a bit so that the ground does not look so graney

The texture on the skin is good, especially good in that you got it to not strech very much, except for the hands.

eyes need help, look like they were drawn on after you were done rendering

I would recomend trying to make the landscape and sky in Blender, it is really hard to get a decent match between terragen and blender. There are some really good terrain procedural texturing plugins out there for Blender (I forget what they care called). In the long run, the extra effor will reward you with something that looks cleaner and is easier to animate.