Dinosaur Game

I am currently thinking of creating a game for PC.

The general idea of the game this. There is a human character at his house. There will be a long road where a dinosaur will arrive. It will wander the house and the land around the house and the player ill need to stay alive the longest. After a specific amount of time another dinosaur will be added.
The dinosaurs will continue to be added until the player is eaten.
When the dinosaurs first arrive in the map, they will slowly walk around (inside and outside of the house). The player will need to avoid the dinosaur. If the dinosaur sees the player, the dinosaur’s speed will increase and it will now chase the player.
We will use a timer as the score. The longer you last the more points you will get.
Maybe there can be some bonus points that will popup randomly around the map.

I am fairly new to Blender and have never worked on a game before.
I can create some models, such as the house and furniture, etc.
I will need people capable to make a game.
I need programmers, modelers, riggers, testers, etc.

There will be no pay, unless the game does extremely well (earns $100 000+).
Credit will be given to all helpers.

I will also need an adviser to help me figure out the steps involved in making a game in Blender.

All helpers will need to fit the following requirements:

  • Speak English well
  • Have a valid email address
  • Be able to work when required to

:yes:Please send me a private message if you are interested.:yes:

More details and clarifications will be posted as they are created.

I am trying to make this an E for everyone 10+ game, so blood and gore is not going to be used.

For animation of player being eaten, they will fall behind a piece of furniture.

I have decided to not make a 3D game like the one I described. I consulted with some of the people I know and they said that this game would be to complex for a PC in 3D models and that it would not play on many mobile platforms.

I have decided to create a 2D game. It will be the same idea, but will be an overhead camera arcade game.
I will require some 3D overhead view model though. I will put a volunteer request in another thread at a later date.

Sorry for anyone would wanted to be a part of this project.