dinosaur tutorial?

can someone send me a tutorial how to model a dinosaur i checked the other threads they wer broken links so if u could send me one that would be great thnx

search with keywords like T rex or other dino name

there are many thread on this subject

i did some myself but these are not tut as such


Tyrannosaurus skull

but should give you a good idea on shapes and some texturing too

you could also search the videotube for tut ect…

you could also check out wikipedia for shapes and texturing

hope it helps


ive checkd all over youtube they had 1 but it was timelapsed and i couldn’t follow everything thats the thing about modeling if its stuff like that they timelapse it and the threads they tell u bout their dino models but they dont tell u how they mad them they just show u th pics of their work and im still a noob at this modeling so i just download models i also cant find a place to get good reference images this guy made these models in 3ds max http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/445508 i dont know how h did it but they look just like the dinos in jurassic park i would like to do something lik that but i just need a tutorial thats for begginers and isn’t super low poly

well it odes not matter what your modelling you need to use the basics tools to nodle in blender and you can model anything including dino!

now for texturing you ahve to find good pic for skin then you can UV map this onto your dino

i don’t remember seeing tut on dino but as i;v shown there are lost of thread on old dino
in blender’s forum
so i’m certain you can find some good pic for texture there

hope it helps

ive just always wanted to make a 3d dinosaur evr since i saw the movie jurassic park and a lot of these guys on blender artist make these cool things and dont tell u how they do them and things like this that are tutorialled are either in some other software or are in blender but timelapsed and time lapses i just can’t follow them i am however looking at this dragon tutorial in hopes it will pretty much be te same for a dinosaur i am just asking for a dinosaur tutorial because i feel this sorta isn’t the same thing u know what i mean

and ive got a good picture from the website i posted just a second ago and i got these trex images and in fact im modeling them right now. they’re not exactly reference images but they are a front and side view just one problem the two pictures arn’t posed the same way so its gonna be a little difficult to model them

Here’s a set of tutorials making a dragon. Use the same principles to make a dinosaur.
The advice I would give you is learn the basics, learn the basics and also learn the basics. Once you have mastered these you can apply the basic modelling principles then to make just about anything. You will also then be able to understand what is going on in timelapses. Did I mention learning the basics?


btw how do i upload these images so i can show u. also thats the same dragon tutorial ive been watching lol

Select ‘Go Advanced’ below the text input box. Use the paperclip to select the image you want to upload and then attach to your post.


thnx these are the images


I did a dinosaur freelance project a year ago. I could probably make a Blender tutorial for a dino once I get past the fact I can’t use ngons for my modeling process. (not that the final is ngons, I just like using them when and if I have to)

ya, hey another thing ive wanted to do is once im done with the dino model i wanna put on a map for a game like halo. and for me one of the hardest things i have to do is modeling the inside of the mouth and arms legs and toes and fingers and rounding the body

some of the thread already have some smple file

so look at the threads carfully and you’ll find all sort of interesting things

i could give you some site for models
but i don’t thing think is aw any site with tut
texturing for dino is up to you
you can follow what you see in hollywood films but it’s not necessarely true
it’s on interpretation for it

so use your imagination


this is what ive been working on, ive sorta got it rounded an i got the eye crests


how would one get a sutible bump map. the guy who did these dinos did a really good job they look exactly like steven spielburgs dinosaurs i mean he/she isn’t even using the best modeling software he/she is using 3ds max 8 its incredible i bet he didn’t even expect to get such detailed and textured dinosaurs as he has

last night i screwed up so i had to start over his nose started to look like it was getting infected

On the images above you have a lot of vertices. With this many at this early stage in the modelling it will become more and more difficult to manage these when you get working on the rest of the body. I would start off with modelling the general form of the dinosaur then add detail where you need it. Once you have a base mesh you can then use the sculpting tools to add the details to skin/muscle. This high res mesh can then be used with the base model to create normal or displacement maps to hold the high resolution data. This will make it easier if you then want to pose/animate the model.
Search the wiki for details http://wiki.blender.org

could u help me with this the only way i can fix this is if i deform it got any ideas


i understand its just i need to round it out, so should i start over

for a good discusion on how to have a look at this thead



this gives some pic for texturing the skins as you want
and discuss a lot of the problems when coriger did this one

hope it helps with more details for your dino

have fun with dino