I have been working on a raptor and decided to make a WIP thread for it. It is not a specific type of raptor, but is mostly inspired by the original JP raptors with some changes. My goal is to make two different versions - one with scales and the other feathered/bird-like.

Latest Update:

Stay tuned for more :slightly_smiling_face: CC more than welcome.


Looks nice, keep it up fella.

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rrrrrrrr - that’s my CC :wink:

perhaps make the eye a bit more glossy (wet)

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I spent a long time away from Blender as I was busy with other things, so I had to bring this project to a halt. I just returned to the project yesterday and I’ve been working on a full-body sculpt and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it again. My knowledge of dinosaur anatomy or anatomy in general is somewhat limited, but I am trying my best with what I know so far sculpting the major forms first in Dyntopo. I’m using several reference images. I’m not sure if this will be the final sculpt or just a practice one, but I think it looks pretty cool where it is so far.

The goal is to get the major forms done first in Dyntopo then retopologize it and use Multiresolution modifier to sculpt on the smaller details such as scales, scars/scratches, skin details etc., texture and then rig for animation.


Hello again,

Slowly but surely, I’ve been working on refining yesterday’s progress + getting started on sculpting down the legs and afterwards, the arms. I find sculpting muscles difficult but so far so good. :slightly_smiling_face:

A small update. Continuing sculpting on the legs. Arms will be next and then hands/feet. Overall happy with how he’s looking so far.

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The Dyntopo sculpt is almost done. Just needs some refinements here and there and the arms may be able to use some more definition. Happy with the overall look so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

Always been a huge Jurassic Park fan and can’t wait to bring this guy to life eventually. :smiley:


Just getting started on the retopology. :slightly_smiling_face: Trying to keep everything as even as possible with good edge-flow for rigging and animation. I want to keep the quads as uniform as I possible so that I can use multiresolution to further detail the raptor without any issues. This is going to take a while! :joy:

I’m doing it by hand with snap-to-face. I find cranking up the “cavity” sliders really helps to see where creases are when doing retopo.

More progress on the retopology. So far so good.


Amazing! :t_rex:

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Great job! if you don’t mind, I’ll use yours as a reference. I compare it with mine and see the problems.

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That’s perfectly fine. I’m using probably around 100 different images of raptors of all kinds from illustrations, other models, drawings, skeletal/muscular models as references and it really helps.

No update today so far. I’ve been messing around with different edge flows and haven’t got something that I like yet. It needs to be very animation/rig-friendly.

Some Pixar-style hand topology with patches for the joints on the fingers which will help with deformation.

Then going up the arm and then going to start the feet/legs and finally the body. Figured it would be easier instead of doing the body first then the arms/legs. Then the tail which will be really easy.

After that I still have to do the eye sockets and mouth interior/gums and remodel a set of teeth and a tongue. Then it’s all ready for multi-resolution sculpting.

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I use skin technique for bloking all the model.

Finished the arms and attached it to the neck and front half of the body. Also added a patch to the elbows so support deformation. Probably going to start the feet now.

(this is on subdivision level 1)

Today I did retopo’d the feet & working on the legs now. I still have to add in the dew claw.

Shown at subdivision lvl 1

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I finished connecting the legs to the body. Next I’ll do the tail and dew claw and probably the rest of the claws. After that, it’s just the eye sockets and mouth.

Some more work and got the tail done. Will likely get the eye sockets, nose, mouth and dew claw/regular claws done tomorrow or at least a few of those. I probably won’t be modeling teeth and tongue until I get the mouth and gums done.

The loops on the tail get progressively more dense to keep the faces nice and square-ish. :slightly_smiling_face:

I finished up the nose, eye sockets and mouth today. Still need to model the dew claw and the gums/inside of mouth isn’t quite where I want it yet so I’ll probably be redoing that part tomorrow, but I did a quick multi-res + shrink-wrap test (excluding hands/feet as they will be re-sculpted in multi-res) to see how well the new mesh takes to the dyntopo sculpt and I am liking the results so far. Some minimal cleanup is needed in a few places, but nothing major. Happy with how it’s turning out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a quick picture of the sculpt projected onto the new mesh, which will be the starting point for the final sculpt.

Still need to model a set of claws and teeth but that’s quick and easy to do. They will also be sculpted on in mult-ires and they will be their own separate objects.

Finished the new mesh and I’ve been doing general mesh cleanup and refining the forms in multi-res before going into the higher levels of detail.

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